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Application Maintenance & Re-Engineering

The use of multiple software applications developed by different companies is a reality in most companies. Due to limited annual IT budgets, organizations do not have limited choice; they gradually increase the scope of automation (using several off-the-shelf products) rather than venture a complete remodel.

Also, as technology advances, companies often see the need to grab better and efficient software applications to replace their old systems. Every investment in new software application includes implementation, customization, training, and maintenance & support.

Again, older versions of applications software require maintenance even after the original manufacturer concludes to support them. The same process applies on legacy systems. Companies need to continuously add "bridges" to make their older applications work alongside newer the ones.

Million Edge offers vendor-sceptic professional and re-engineering services so you can rely on a single team of professionals to handle the following activities on a continuous system-

  • Re-engineering and reverse engineering
  • Implementation & customization
  • Migration & integration of diverse applications
  • Application support and maintenance
  • Solutions enhancement