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HTML5 Mobile Apps Development in India

HTML5 is the trend due to its incredible facilities that profit businesses replicates from web designing to web applications. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML5) is the fifth edition of the language known as 'the language of web' at the origin. The latest release of HTML has become the favorite of designers and web developers as it combines CSS and java-script to create simple, innate, and browser-friendly web Pages.

Million Edge Info Solution has its strength in HTML development (both web and mobile) that has proved by producing world class results to businesses around the globe. Our expertise and years of experience on HTML has helps our developers to know the new release of markup language i.e. HTML5 in no time.HTML5 Apps Development:


HTML5 Apps Development:

Highly Compatible:

  • Html5 has high compatibility with all existing browsers, phones windows, and PCs.

Intelligent Interface:

  • HTML5 is self dependent when it comes to run a media on websites, as end-users do not need downloading Silver-light or Flash to run media on his website.

Geo-location Capabilities:

  • HTML5 can be clouted for mobile technologies and location based applications and tools. This is a mobile age and consumers are inclined towards geo-based tools. Excluding this, HTML can be used for transportation applications, gaming platforms, and entertainment.

HTML5 Mobile Apps Development Services:

  • HTML5 Development Services for iPad, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone
  • Extensive Exposure on HTML5
  • Regular Technical Support
  • Consultation on HTML5 Development